Briar Hill Platinum Access Details

B12 Bedroom70912PATIO$375,990
E12 Bedroom8631.51 (2-Storey)PATIO$389,990
C12 Bedroom10441.53 (2-Storey)ROOFTOP TERRACE$494,990
D12 Bedroom104823 (2-Storey)ROOFTOP TERRACE$499,990
D1-T2 Bedroom104823 (2-Storey)ROOFTOP TERRACE + PATIO$529,990
A12 Bedroom + Den85821PATIO$379,990
C22 Bedroom + Den14942.53 (2-Storey)ROOFTOP TERRACE$640,990
D23 Bedroom14042.53 (2-Storey)ROOFTOP TERRACE$615,990

Prices Include: 1 Parking Unit and 1 Locker Unit (Residential Unit Prices Include HST).

Maintenance Fee: $0.20 per square foot per month. Maintenance fee excludes water, hydro, gas, which are individually metered.

  • Parking Maintenance: $50 Monthly
  • Locker Maintenance: $20 Monthly

Property Taxes: Estimated at 1.0% Of The Purchase Price Per Annum

Occupancy Date: March 01, 2018

VIP Platinum Deposit Structure

Total 20% (All Deposits Are Payable To DelZotto Zorzi LLP in Trust)

  • $5,000 payable on signing
  • Balance to 5% payable in 30 days
  • 5% payable in 90 days
  • 5% payable in 360 days
  • 5% payable on occupancy


Briar Hill Neighbourhood Map